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Put simply, The EVROS is a ‘demonstration’ of Scottish EV charging infrastructure, combined with clean and innovative vehicle technology. The idea is to prove that EV use across Scotland, and the rest of the UK, is not just ‘for the odd occasion’… It can be a ‘daily occurrence’… ‘the norm’!

We plan on putting 16+ EVs on the road, during COP26, and set them off from Glasgow, on a 5-day, 1200+ mile ‘e-Tour of Scotland’, taking in many of the beautiful landmarks in the country, but most importantly, showcasing the charging infrastructure across the region at the same time. 

The idea is to showcase the event across social media platforms, featuring pictures, video and LIVE broadcasts…

Each of the participating vehicles will carry branding on the bonnets and doors and the idea is that they will be driven by key industry people, media and maybe even the odd celebrity or well-known face. 

The ‘eRally’ will leave Glasgow and take in EV charge points at key locations (Checkpoints – CPs), over the 5 days. Participants will stop at each CP, take a picture (proof) and share it across the various social media platforms, using pre-defined #Hashtags, etc.

By the end of the week, the ‘eRally’ will have taken in every corner of Scotland, including a Western Isle, and will have completed more than 1200 ‘e-Miles’! 

EVROS Talks - Colin Boyton & Chris Ramsey Pt1
EVROS Talks - Colin Boyton & Chris Ramsey Pt1
EVROS Talks - Colin Boyton & Chris Ramsey Pt2
EVROS Talks - Colin Boyton & Chris Ramsey Pt2


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