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The success of EVROS will be largely down to the kind help and assistance of our Event Partners, both from an organisational point of view, as well as an engagement one too.

We are fortunate to have secured the support of the some of the largest names in their fields, to help us here. 

Planning & Execution
Thanks to the expertise of Zap-Map and ChargePlace Scotland, we have managed to plot a route that enables us to take in the iconic landmarks we want, coupled with charge points that will feature as Official Checkpoints. On top of that, we need to ensure that the charging is staggered, so we don’t have a queue, and at the same time ensure that those that are wise enough to be EV drivers already, have access to the charging infrastructure and that we are not getting greedy by hogging them all!

Live Progress
Innovative tracking technology will be fitted to the participating vehicles, so we can broadcast LIVE progress of the EVROS, online, as it progresses. We will beam it live through our own website, social media and across other platforms belonging to chosen Partners.

Roadside Assistance
Thanks to The AA, we will be able to cope with any issues that might occur. If it’s a technical fault on the vehicle, or simply a ‘flatty’, we have it covered. Armed with their portable on-board charger, anyone that strays off course and gets themselves into a ‘range anxiety’ situation (now there’s a phrase you rarely hear anymore!), no problem.

Using their innovative mapping, Zap-Map will show the Rally route in the participating vehicles, using on-board Carplay and Android Auto.

Event Logistics & Support
Ensuring that the Checkpoints are fully functional and branded, our Logistics Crew will get around ahead and behind the Rally, thanks to the use of innovative eDeliver 3 electric vans, kindly supplied by Maxus UK.

Let's make this eventful

While we expect to make the news, on TV AND Radio, our reach on social media platforms will drive the interest in this, and our PARTNERS are key to us achieving this, as well as the smooth running of the event too. Here is a summary of the MINIMUM we can expect, if we’re CLEVER enough…


Vehicle manufacturers lead the way in the UK, on Insta and we can expect 300-400K across the participating VMs… Add the bank, energy and charging companies, and we’re looking at an additional 30K+


We are delighted to confirm that no less that 3 of the drivers of the Rally are Guinness World Record Holders, in various ‘eco-driving categories. Their videos can be seen online.!


Vehicle manufacturers in the UK, on average, have 60K followers… there will be 3 or 4 of them involved (180K)… An ‘Energy’ specialist will add 34K… A ‘Bank’, a further 130K… 2 x charging point specialists gets us 20K and the Roadside Assistance partner 35K. Add the power of The Herald, as the Official Media Partner, and there’s 116K from that news source alone. Between us all, we will be reaching around half a million followers with every Tweet!


To attract the innovators in the business world, we will be making use of the LinkedIn platform to engage. Daily updates will ensure the narrative is constant, with a mix of engaging imagery and announcements.


We are delighted to have secured the involvement of DriveTech as the Official Driver Training Partner for the event, supported by Tracking & Technology Partner, Webfleet Solutions.

Over the 5 days, ‘EV KEITH’ will set the standard for everyone else to beat, or match. With decades of experience under his race-suit belt, and using his innovative VW ID.3, he will demonstrate how ‘driver style’ affects the performance of an EV, in the same way it does on an ICE vehicle. 

Using technology fitted and monitored by Webfleet Solutions, we will measure harsh acceleration, braking, cornering, and coupled with temperature and terrain, etc. will be able to demonstrate the energy use of each vehicle.=

EV KEITH will also be offering daily advice to fleet professionals, that use an EV everyday, on how to get the best out of their electric company vehicle


Thanks to our Launch Partner, Arnold Clark, EVROS sets off in a blaze of glory from their stunning EV Innovation Centre, a stones throw from the COP26 site, just down the road. 

Whether you want more information about new car technology or you’re thinking of making the switch to electric, they’re there to help and the Centre offers a unique opportunity to “Try before you Buy” and compare a wide variety of Evs, in one place. This is why they are the perfect Launch Partner to host the Start of EVROS as we set off on a truly epic adventure.

Everyone will likely be excited… We truly cannot wait. It’s going to be a truly unbeliEVable achiEVement!


Thanks to our Partner, Western Commercial Mercedes-Benz, EVROS reaches its climax at their Glasgow dealership.

Western Commercial are there to make switching to 100% electric easy. They understand that going zero emissions with your commercial vehicle can be a daunting prospect, that’s why they are there to provide you with the support you deserve, every step of the way and why they are the perfect Partner to provide support across EVROS and host the Finish too.

Everyone will likely be shattered, but we’re sure it won’t stop us raising a glass of bubbly in recognition of a truly unbeliEVable achiEVement!



Maxus eDELIVER 3 is the vehicle chosen by EVROS organisers to help shift Rally kit and equipment around the 1234 electric mile course. Its design uses aerodynamic principles to reduce wind resistance and lighten the entire vehicle. A large number of aluminum alloys and polymer composite materials are used. Strong design with emphasis on strength and payload.

EVROS Talks - Maxus



Polestar is an electric performance brand determined to improve the society we live in by accelerating the shift to sustainable mobility. Polestar aims to be fully climate-neutral, circular, and inclusive. For Polestar, transparency is the key to this. Polestar is committed to driving positive change, through the development of new technologies, processes, and materials. Sustainability is embedded in their strategic direction, and in the choices they make at the drawing board, as they design towards zero.




SWARCO eVolt (previously APT Controls) is the market-leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions in Scotland. With unrivalled experience, SWARCO eVolt have installed more than 150 rapid chargers across Scotland and 1,837 chargepoints in total. This includes work with 30 of Scotland’s 32 local authorities and hundreds of private sector organisations. SWARCO eVolt’s recent public sector work has included the construction of rapid charging hubs for Dundee City Council – a UK first , integrating rapid chargers, solar PV canopies and an energy storage system. All public chargers are integrated to the ChargePlace Scotland back-office, owned by Transport Scotland.




Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) is an ambitious joint venture between Michelin, Dundee City Council, and Scottish Enterprise, created to generate economic growth in Scotland and support a fair and just transition to a net zero economy. MSIP’s mission is to build a dynamic and creative home for innovators, manufacturers and skills leaders to collaborate, and nurture growth and advances, in sustainable mobility and decarbonisation.




Vanarama is a multi-award-winning commercial, personal and electric vehicle leasing company established by CEO Andy Alderson in 2004 . Now employing more than 230 people from its headquarters in Hertfordshire and remotely across the country, the brand has grown into a leader in the vehicle leasing sector. Throughout, this growth has been driven by Vanarama’s commitment put the customer experience at the heart of all its activities. Investing heavily in industry-leading customer service has been a major part of its formula for success.

EVROS Talks - Vanarama

The AA


Demand for all forms of battery, plug-in, and mild-hybrid electric vehicles (EVs) has risen significantly, representing a quarter of total new car market share in July - or just over 44k new vehicles on the roads. With more than 33.5k charging connectors on the public network in the UKii, jumping almost 1k in just 30 days, the AA is responding to demand by launching a brand new EV Support Service.

EVROS Talks - AA



DriveTech is an established and proven leader in the provision of quality driver risk management and driver training for global businesses. Businesses that recognise their real duty of care, that are driven to control costs and have a commitment to road safety and saving lives, turn to DriveTech as a professional and collaborative supplier. DriveTech has the knowledge and resources to help improve driver safety, reduce fleet running costs and ensure compliance with legal obligations and duty of care responsibilities.

EVROS Talks - DriveTech

Webfleet Solutions


WEBFLEET is the online platform connecting you and your vehicles and function­ality can be expanded by adding different in-vehicle telematics devices and/or Driver Terminals. WEBFLEET provides real-time location of vehicles, lets you communicate directly with your drivers, helps improving driving behavior and drop routes, saving fuel & time.

The Herald


“As the world’s oldest national Newspaper, The Herald has documented since 1783 the industries Scotland and the world has relied on, and the transition towards a more sustainable future. 

Arnold Clark


Arnold Clark Automobiles Limited is one of the largest car dealer groups in Europe. But it all started with just one showroom - opened in Glasgow, Scotland, back in 1954. 

Zap Map


Zap-Map makes electric vehicle (EV) charging simple.We are the UK’s leading app and digital platform for EV drivers to search for charge points, plan longer journeys, pay on participating networks and share updates with other EV drivers.

Glasgow City Council


Scotland's first Low Emission Zone (LEZ) came into effect in Glasgow city centre on 31 December 2018.

Western Commercial


Western Commercial are here to make switching to 100% electric easy. We understand that going zero emissions with your commercial vehicle can be a daunting prospect, that’s why we are here to provide you with the support you deserve, every step of the way. Keeping you on the road with an 8 year battery guarantee, free 24/7 breakdown cover and flexible finance plans are just some of the ways we ensure our customers have the best electric journey possible.

EVROS Talks - Western Commercial

Home Energy Scotland


Home Energy Scotland is a network of local advice centres covering all of Scotland. Our expert advisors offer free, impartial advice on energy saving, keeping warm at home, renewable energy, cutting water waste  and greener travel. We’re funded by the Scottish Government and managed by the Energy Saving Trust, and our mission is to help people in Scotland create warmer homes, reduce their bills and help tackle climate change.

ChargePlace Glasgow


In September 2017, as part of the Scottish Government's Programme for Government, Nicola Sturgeon announced that all petrol and diesel vehicles would be phased out in Scotland by 2032. The underlying vision is a significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions will be accompanied by marked improvements in local air quality, noise pollution and public health.

Energy Saving Trust


Energy Saving Trust appreciate that businesses are under constant pressure to keep costs down and, increasingly, to meet environmental objectives.