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Day 4 sees the Rally begin in Thurso and make its way over to the UK mainland’s most northerly point – John O’Groats. And we do so on 11 November – Remembrance Day!

Nobody can, nor should, forget the sacrifices made by the UK’s armed forces, and we will make sure that the Rally takes time to pay our respects, with EVROS Remembers.

We are currently working closely with Highland Council on the finer detail, but the plan is to combine the traditional ‘2-minutes silence’ with the  ‘silent technology’ that is an integral feature of electric vehicles.

We will arrive around 10.00am and begin the process of positioning the vehicles, in a display that not only looks great, but features a ‘Car Poppy’ and has the iconic John O’Groats sign in the background too.

At a minute to 11.00, we will ask drivers to “Start your motors” and, as one, the headlights will all come on… And although all the vehicles are ‘running’, they will be silent! We will then remain silent and still, paying our respects, for the 2-minutes, before finishing in a blaze of horns and applause.