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To ‘bury the idea’ that EVs are slow… That they don’t go very far… Are far too expensive… To run and to purchase… That the charging infrastructure isn’t in place!

As climate change experts descend upon Glasgow to debate the future of our planet and the strategies required to instigate a shift in direction, the UK needs to show why it is leading the world in embracing the very latest in innovative practices.

‘E-Mobility’ and the decarbonisation of transport is seen as a key element to helping the shift towards a cleaner future, and when it comes to EVs and infrastructure, the EV RALLY Of SCOTLAND (EVROS) and the participating sponsors aim to demonstrate that the UK is leading the way. 

The EVROS will not only show what is possible in the future… it will show that e-Mobility is here NOW!

Being such a high profile 12 days in Glasgow, the UK Government will show the rest of the world why we’re leading the way in e-Mobility. By showcasing Chargeplace Scotland to the masses, EVROS will PROVE that getting from A to B, across some of the most testing, and beautiful, terrain in Europe is not a barrier.

The modern tourist often looks at ‘the environment’ they are travelling to. Scotland is keen to show itself off as a clean and healthy country, with many iconic landmarks labelled ‘areas of outstanding natural beauty’. EVROS will showcase many of these places, over the 5 days.

As the ‘Host’ of COP26, Glasgow will be the Start & Finish of EVROS, and we will showcase ChargePlace Glasgow as we re-enter the city on the home-straight, on Day 5.

By staging a highly-interactive event, that will engage with hundreds-of-thousands of people, across multiple social media platforms, we truly think that EVROS will become a major talking point throughout the COP26 period.

All-in-all, EVROS is set to be something truly UnbeliEVable!


Thanks to the support of our sponsoring Partners, the EVROS will be a showcase like no other seen previously. With our PREMIER PARTNERS, we have taken a multi-brand, multi-vehicle approach which means that we are able to demonstrate state of the art, innovative technology in both passenger cars and commercial vehicles, alike. Add the clean energy and charging specialists into the mix and we can then demonstrate the public infrastructure across Scotland, as well as the home-charging solutions on the market, together with the clean energy and tariffs too.

Announcements will be rolled out over the coming weeks and months, so stay tuned here and across the EVROS and GREENFLEET socials too!


Our CHAMPION PARTNERS are joining us to help ‘Champion the Cause’, and at the same time be involved in something truly exciting and unique. They offer a multitude of innovative products, services and solutions that can make EVs an everyday solution, for both businesses and consumers, alike.

Check out the EVROS and GREENFLEET socials and come back here for updates!

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TEAM Maxus


Maxus is one of several well-known brands under the parent company SAIC, based in China. After acquiring LDV in 2010, SAIC manufactured these LCVs under the MAXUS moniker for the home market in China and select left-hand drive markets in Europe such as Spain, Belgium and The Netherlands. Then in April 2020, LDV rebranded as MAXUS across right-hand drive Europe, consolidating the brand’s presence across Europe, China and beyond. The Maxus brand continues to represent outstanding performance, high efficiency and superb reliability across its range of vehicles.

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EVROS Talks - Maxus

Team Polestar


Polestar is an electric performance brand determined to improve the society we live in by accelerating the shift to sustainable mobility. Polestar aims to be fully climate-neutral, circular, and inclusive. For Polestar, transparency is the key to this. Polestar is committed to driving positive change, through the development of new technologies, processes, and materials. Sustainability is embedded in their strategic direction, and in the choices they make at the drawing board, as they design towards zero

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Team Kia


Kia is a global brand with a vision for sustainable e-mobility, and a leader in electric vehicle (EV) technology. Kia UK is proud to be a partner of the GreenFleet EV Rally of Scotland in 2021, an initiative which seeks to challenge opinions of electric driving and demonstrate, during COP26, why the future of driving is something to be truly excited about. Electrification sits at the heart of Kia's plans for the future, as the brand spearheads the popularisation of EVs worldwide. Under its new mid- to long-term ‘Plan S’ strategy, the company will launch seven dedicated new EV models by 2026

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Stellantis is one of the world’s leading automakers and a mobility provider, guided by a clear vision: to offer freedom of movement with distinctive, affordable and reliable mobility solutions.  In addition to the Group’s rich heritage and broad geographic presence, its greatest strengths lie in its sustainable performance, depth of experience and the wide-ranging talents of employees working around the globe. Stellantis will leverage its broad and iconic brand portfolio, which was founded by visionaries who infused the marques with passion and a competitive spirit that speaks to employees and customers alike. Stellantis aspires to become the greatest, not the biggest while creating added value for all stakeholders as well as the communities in which it operates.

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SWARCO eVolt (previously APT Controls) is the market-leading provider of electric vehicle charging solutions in Scotland. With unrivalled experience, SWARCO eVolt have installed more than 150 rapid chargers across Scotland and 1,837 chargepoints in total. This includes work with 30 of Scotland’s 32 local authorities and hundreds of private sector organisations. SWARCO eVolt’s recent public sector work has included the construction of rapid charging hubs for Dundee City Council – a UK first , integrating rapid chargers, solar PV canopies and an energy storage system. All public chargers are integrated to the ChargePlace Scotland back-office, owned by Transport Scotland.




Michelin Scotland Innovation Parc (MSIP) is an ambitious joint venture between Michelin, Dundee City Council, and Scottish Enterprise, created to generate economic growth in Scotland and support a fair and just transition to a net zero economy. MSIP’s mission is to build a dynamic and creative home for innovators, manufacturers and skills leaders to collaborate, and nurture growth and advances, in sustainable mobility and decarbonisation.




Vanarama is a multi-award-winning commercial, personal and electric vehicle leasing company established by CEO Andy Alderson in 2004 . Now employing more than 230 people from its headquarters in Hertfordshire and remotely across the country, the brand has grown into a leader in the vehicle leasing sector. Throughout, this growth has been driven by Vanarama’s commitment put the customer experience at the heart of all its activities. Investing heavily in industry-leading customer service has been a major part of its formula for success.

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EVROS Talks - Vanarama

The AA


Demand for all forms of battery, plug-in, and mild-hybrid electric vehicles (EVs) has risen significantly, representing a quarter of total new car market share in July - or just over 44k new vehicles on the roads. With more than 33.5k charging connectors on the public network in the UKii, jumping almost 1k in just 30 days, the AA is responding to demand by launching a brand new EV Support Service.

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EVROS Talks - AA



DriveTech is an established and proven leader in the provision of quality driver risk management and driver training for global businesses. Businesses that recognise their real duty of care, that are driven to control costs and have a commitment to road safety and saving lives, turn to DriveTech as a professional and collaborative supplier. DriveTech has the knowledge and resources to help improve driver safety, reduce fleet running costs and ensure compliance with legal obligations and duty of care responsibilities.

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EVROS Talks - DriveTech

Webfleet Solutions


WEBFLEET is the online platform connecting you and your vehicles and function­ality can be expanded by adding different in-vehicle telematics devices and/or Driver Terminals. WEBFLEET provides real-time location of vehicles, lets you communicate directly with your drivers, helps improving driving behavior and drop routes, saving fuel & time.

Western Commercial


Western Commercial are here to make switching to 100% electric easy. We understand that going zero emissions with your commercial vehicle can be a daunting prospect, that’s why we are here to provide you with the support you deserve, every step of the way. Keeping you on the road with an 8 year battery guarantee, free 24/7 breakdown cover and flexible finance plans are just some of the ways we ensure our customers have the best electric journey possible.

EVROS Talks - Western Commercial