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The Highland Council

The Highland Council

By 2025, the Highlands will be a region where its residents and visitors can move around easily by low carbon and sustainable forms of transport. The region is well connected both in terms of transport links and through digital connectivity. Buildings across the region will have been energy renovated, and new buildings are energy efficient. The growing majority of buildings in rural areas will be heated by renewable sources. Electricity will be generated from a range of renewable sources, and excess energy can be transmitted to surrounding regions through smart grids, or stored efficiently. Land and resources across the Highlands are utilised for optimal economic, social, and environmental gains. Communities across the region are engaged, are highly active, more healthy and empowered.

Carbon CLEVER is a Highland Council-led initiative with a target of a carbon neutral Inverness in a low carbon Highlands by 2025. To achieve this, projects will be implemented which work towards the following goals:

•  Carbon emission reduction

•  Lead by example

•  Engagement with others

•  Value for money

•  Economic benefits

•  Raising awareness and promote behaviour change