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NEV put himself forward as the Official Event Mascot, very early on. After negotiating his fee (which between us, amounted to a 12-month supply of his favourite grub, lettuce! Apparently, it doesn’t grow very well underwater?) we announced him in a blaze of glory, online.

To be fair, he already has a great following, and his daily posts have begun to capture the imagination. It appears he’s a bit of a Billy-no-Mates… Obviously he needs to get out more… But he has grasped his role by the (far too long) neck and run with it, and you know what? We’re pleased for him!

Anyway, NEV will be with us from now until the very end, with his posts on social media as we build to the start of EVROS, in Glasgow, on 08 November. Strictly between us, he has told us he wants to elope and wed his – alleged – long-term girlfriend, Nessie. We’ve asked about her, but nobody has actually ever seen her. There have been a few blurry photos, but really? Naaah! Anyway, we will wait and see.

A known disco-dancer, and a dreamer, we know that NEV fancies himself as a bit of a John Travolta… If you ask us, the jury’s still out on that one. He’s also a little paranoid about the size of his rear… He tends to hide it a lot and swim quite upright… Or wedge into the back of his van, away from prying eyes. But, despite all of this, we love him and we’re sure you will too.

Day 4, though, NEV is rolling out the wet carpet and welcoming us to his home, at Loch Ness and he’s arranged for his pals to meet us on Day 5 too. Apparently, one of them is a bit miserable, but the other seems to laugh a lot, so sure we’ll be OK.

Anyway, come back and visit NEV… He’s a little lonely, so we should all make him feel welcome!


We all know that the weather in Scotland can get a little tricky and in November, we expect a few curve balls along the way… Hopefully not made of snow!

NEV will keep us all up to date with his WEVVA REPORT, at 6.30 every evening, live from the BEVERAGE BAR!

We’re expecting rain, wind, clouds, sunshine and possibly even a bit of ice and snow… November in Scotland, who knows? But one things for sure, nothing will stop the EVROS winding its way across the country, proving that electric vehicles are more than up to the job.

Will we see snow on Ben’s peak? Day 2 will take us via the UK’s highest mountain and we expect to see some white stuff as we swing by. The Highlands, in general, will likely prove the trickiest part of the Rally, so we will be relying on NEV keeping us up to date with conditions, as we progress.

So, tune in to find out what Mother Scotland has in store for us, as we embark on an UNBELIEVABLE journey around some of the most beautiful places in the world!